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New Batch Start !! 3 Replies

Hello Friends,I am going to start ISU training. if anybody is interested, please contact me @ sap2623@gmail.comNote: all the meterial (like study or project related) will be provided as free of…Continue

Started by ankur in Implementation Methodology. Last reply by Eswar Aug 30.

Calling a FOP via workflow 1 Reply

Hi,Just wondering does anybody know a way of calling a front office process from a function module or workflow ?For example Change Contract Account and I called BPCHAN02 passing in the CA?Obviously…Continue

Started by Tony Darcy in SAP ISU Jobs. Last reply by rAVI Aug 12, 2016.

Billing - Macros

Dear All,Would like to know the importance of Macros in the custom variants.  Appreciate if anyone can provide information on Macros.We have used macro MAC_OUTPUT_IPREI in the custom variant which is…Continue

Started by Tanuja Lakshmi in Billing Jul 26, 2016.

Problem With DPC 1 Reply

Hi All, I have the following scenario for DPC billing The scenario is as follows: 01.01.2015 Actual Read 0 Move-in 01.02.2015 Estimate Read 800  Consumption 80001.03.2015 Estimate Read 900…Continue

Tags: Control, Period, Dynamic

Started by siddharth ranjan in Billing. Last reply by emma ridge Jul 4, 2016.

Flat rate installation 7 Replies

Hi All,Please tell me what is flatrate installation in SAP ISU?Thanks & Regards,MeenakshiContinue

Started by Meenakshi Dora in Device Management & Meter Reading. Last reply by mohd arif Jun 28, 2016.

ISU IDEX 2 Replies

Hi All,I was working in ISU IDE for a while . i got to know the process flow ,functions of COMEV and COMPR Fm's used ,configurations done in SPRO for IDE.Now I am working in IDEX which is enhanced…Continue

Started by Chiranjib Dash in Device Management & Meter Reading. Last reply by Chiranjib Dash May 27, 2016.

SAP ISU Pricing.

Hello,How we will get SAP ISU price on the basis of fact, rate categories, rate type, rate.?Where we can see price amount  ( like per KW rates, tax, other charge, and discount) in installation.? is…Continue

Started by mohd arif in SAP ISU Jobs Apr 6, 2016.

EDM Settlement 29 Replies

Hi All,I have worked into the areas of device management, Energy data management for a utility project in Asia.I would like to gain further understanding into Settlement of energy in EDM. Is there…Continue

Started by DM EDM Consultant in Device Management & Meter Reading. Last reply by Mallik Apr 4, 2016.

Hi every One,

i m working as SAP FICA consultant ... preparing for SAP ISU certification, it would be a great opportunity for me, if some one share Sample questions to attempt the exam successfully.If some one…Continue

Started by kovuru Karthik in Contract Accounting (FICA) Apr 3, 2016.

New @ ISU 12 Replies

Hi Everyone,I am Kunal and Working as fresher @SAP India.I am learning ISU, but not getting proper advice & guideline how and what to learn.I have seen the topics for ISU but too confused.Can…Continue

Started by Kunal Kumar Bansal in Introduce Yourself. Last reply by raghavendra dasari Dec 12, 2015.


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SAP IS-U Best Practices


I have created this community to all colaborate and work togheter on some projects which would be beneficial to all of us in the upcoming IS-U projects.

First project I want we all work on is "SAP IS-U Best Practices". Lot of times many of you have heard about this concept but it is not materialized in any document. This would be our common scope in this little project: To put togheter a SAP IS-U Best Practices document where we would list the best practices… Continue

Posted by Daniel Toba on January 10, 2009 at 8:19am — 23 Comments

Free access to an IS-U System

Hi everybody,

I have been searching for a long time for an free of charge IS-U access.

And finally I have found one.

Here is a link:

This company is providing an free of charge accessible IS-U IDES System.

Just register and enjoy.


Some additional information:

Here is…

Posted by Karol Kovalik on July 21, 2009 at 5:00am — 12 Comments

How to create a manual billing document using function module ISU_S_MANUBILL_CREATE

Some billing processes requires creating a manual billing document automatically. In order to create such manual billing document, function module ISU_S_MANUBILL_CREATE cane be used.

This function module has the following parameters:

X_VERTRAG = The contract for which the manual billing document is created

X_STIHTAG = The key date (it should be the end of billing period date or the system date)

X_BUKRS = The company code of the contract - it can be fetched from table… Continue

Posted by Daniel Toba on October 11, 2010 at 8:52am — 5 Comments

ISU Master Data Templates 2 / 13

Go back to step 1.

Step 2: Activate Business Partner node

Select Node and press Activate Node button.…


Posted by Daniel Toba on April 11, 2009 at 9:00am — 5 Comments

Can I change the default FICA Subtransaction when posting an ISU invoice?

By default, IS-U system is posting the invoice amounts under the subtransaction 0020 (debit) or 0010 (credit) even though the subtransaction that is set up in the rate is different (e.g: 0021 / 0011).

I came across a standard customisazation where you can configure to which FICA subtransaction you want to post your billing subtransaction: for example if you set up subtransactions 0021/0011 in the rate you would want to see the same in FICA. But as I said the standard system post it… Continue

Posted by Daniel Toba on April 4, 2009 at 8:30pm — 4 Comments



What is the process to create ISU Master Data?

The process to create master data in the standard SAP IS-U sistem is:

1) Create Technical Objects:

1.1 Create Connection Object  - transaction ES55

1.2. Create Premise - transaction ES60

1.3 Create Installation - transaction ES30

1.4. Create Device - transaction IQ01 or EG44 for device info record

1.5 Install Device…


Created by Daniel Toba Apr 4, 2009 at 8:26pm. Last updated by Daniel Toba Apr 4, 2009.

Created by Daniel Toba Jan 8, 2009 at 10:42pm. Last updated by Daniel Toba Jan 18, 2009.

SAP IS-U Best Practices Status

This is a short note on the status of SAP IS-U Best Practices project I started on this forum.

First week has passed quickly and here is the status.

Time: 1 week

IS-U Best Practices added to the project: 9

Here is where you can add your contribution (aka IS-U best practice) to the project - add the best practice as a comment to this blog:…


Created by Daniel Toba Jan 18, 2009 at 9:37pm. Last updated by Daniel Toba Jan 18, 2009.

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SAP IS-U community ( is based on Ning ( Ning will not be providing a free service starting this month. It would be helpful if you can chip in a few dollars in order to pay for the new Ning price plan.

Here is the direct link to the new Donate page:


You can go to and click on Donate Tab.

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